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The Loving Parent

Uncover the effortless way to parent that nurtures great communication, love and understanding 

A Truly Life Changing, Transformational Course

You'll Discover The One Thing You Need To Parent With Ease...

As a parent many of us have been on the search for a, stress-free, calmer, happier way to parent – And I’m going to show you how that might really be possible for you.

But first, I want to ask you a few simple, important questions:

Have You Ever...

  • Felt like you’re having constant battles with your kids over every little thing?
  • Found yourself with low energy, constantly moving from one stressful situation or problem to the next with a constantly busy mind, never really enjoying being a parent?
  • Spent a lot of time and/or money looking in different directions for answers only to find conflicting advice from books, friends, workshops and the internet and still feel no nearer to finding a way to parent with ease and enjoyment?
  •  Felt like you're just about coping with daily life yourself, and so don't have the 'mind space' to help guide your kids?
  • Wondered what it would be like to have more patience, and not to get irritated or overwhelmed, so you can really enjoy life in the moment more of the time?

In this 4 week, life-changing parenting course, you’re going to discover how to see through the illusion once and for all, so you can connect with your children in a way that you might never have before

  • All the books or blogs you’ve read and courses you’ve been on may have helped temporarily with tips and tricks, but haven’t really gotten to the root of the issue, and have left you feeling like you've failed again
  • What if I told you that you already have within you everything you need to parent stress-free with happiness and ease, and that I could point you to actually see this for yourself? 
  • How would it be for you if you saw your kids become more resilient, happier, connected and loving without having to 'work on them'?

Do You Struggle As A Parent With Any Of The Following?

  • You're a single parent and though you try your hardest, you still feel like you're not doing enough, or that 'you are enough', and can't remember the last time you didn't feel utterly exhausted
  • Being a parent just feels like a succession of doing stuff that starts with breakfast and ends with bedtime, which is often way later than you mean to go to bed, but is the only way you can experience any quiet
  • Worry that your kids don't feel they can come to you with anything they are struggling with, as you seem busy and preoccupied all the time
  • You don't know how to deal with your children's challenging behaviours without creating a power struggle that has you both end up at odds with each other, and your home feels anything but calm and loving

Join Me For 4 Weeks To Completely Transform Your Parenting, From The Inside-Out…

About Your Presenter...

Sarah is a Transformational Coach

"Thanks to a life-changing insight many years ago, I went on a journey and discovered how to transform my life, from the 'inside-out', by getting in touch with my own wisdom and intuition. Fast forward 12 years…..

Literally everything has completely transformed, and now I live so much more consciously and in harmony with all areas of my life, most importantly the way I parent has changed beyond anything I could have dreamt of. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to teach parents to see this within themselves. 

Without getting too evangelical, raising the consciousness of the next generation is what our planet needs right now, and it starts at home. 

My understanding of what creates our psychological experience has been by far the greatest gift I have given to my kids. Honestly, what better gift can we give our children, than to confirm the truth that they absolutely have everything within them to create the most wonderful life?"

Course Investment £599

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What We'll Be Covering On The Course

MODULE 1: The Stressed Parent Delusion

  • The biggest myth that keeps parents trapped in stress & worry about their children, even if they try using techniques, affirmations and a whole host of other personal development tools.
  • Why you perpetuate the habit of thinking it's going to get easier as they get older; once the next day, week, month or year is done even though it hasn't worked up until now.
  • Why control and disciplining your kids has seemed like a good plan to keep you feeling okay but distances you in your relationship. 

MODULE 2: The True Source Of Stress & How It Affects The Way We Parent

  • Uncover the hidden parenting challenges that create low moods, worry and stress, and then see how we really experience life, and that the perception of 'stress' is not what we've been told. 
  • You've been innocently taught to look at the detail of your life, and what you're children are or are not doing as the source of stress. You'll be shown how you've been seeing it 'outside-in'. 
  • You'll see why some parents are prone to stress, regardless of their circumstances, where others rarely seem to struggle, and why it can be that way for you. 

MODULE 3: Eliminate Stress Forever & Truly Engage With Your Children

  • Discover the mechanism of how we create our day-to-day experience & see both your kids and your own capacity to have a joyful, stress-free day everyday no matter what is happening in your life. 
  • Find greater peace and presence in every area of your life which will reduce conflict for a more relaxed home and find you truly connecting with your loved ones. 
  • Create the space for you to gain this understanding and more importantly pass it on to your children, which is so simple yet so groundbreaking, and refreshingly, without the need for any strategies, tools or techniques. 
  • Find your own inner child to really enjoy life that your kids are going to love.  
  • Open you up to a world of possibility to really enjoy your relationships, your day to day experience and your whole life in a way you never have before. 

MODULE 4: Psychologically Giving Your Children Everything They Will Ever Need

  • Discover the surprising truth behind how the wrong type of communication could actually be killing your relationship with your children.
  • As your kids grow older, if you're looking for a relationship with them where they still love hanging out with you, you'll discover how that could be really possible.
  • You'll see that your children were born knowing that they absolutely have everything within them to create the most wonderful life, and that it's your job to remind them. Resilience is inbuilt.
  • You can let go of the weight of feeling responsible for their happiness. You'll no longer have to fear their 'bad moods' or worry when they have periods of feeling low or anxious, especially if they are self harming.  
  • Learn how to be a calmer, more understanding more loving parent more of the time without feeling the need to 'fix them'.

What We WON'T Be Doing On The Course & Some Tips For Getting The Most Out Of it...

  • It will not be a 'chalk and talk' classroom style based training.
  • As this is an insightful learning, you don't have to spend time 'implementing' outside of the web-classes to become a better parent, all you have to do is show up to the web-classes and listen
  • 'Note taking' is not recommended. In fact 'note taking' will likely impair your ability to immerse yourself in the understanding. (The course will be recorded anyway, should you wish to revisit any part of what is covered).
  • Don't try and frame what you're learning against anything you've learnt before. An open mind and willingness to see something new will enable you to get the most out of the course.
  • You won't be learning a magic formula. What you need to know is already within you. I am going to guide you on how to get in touch with that intuitively, maybe for the first time ever in your life.
  • Your learning will continue throughout the whole 4 weeks, and forever after once you 'see' this understanding. You'll likely notice immediate changes inbetween the classes both in how you show up and your kids. 

“What makes this course totally different to anything else you might have tried & what are the results you can expect from the course…?”

Showing Your Children Who They Really Are

  • You'll be able to show your children how limiting self beliefs like low self esteem or low confidence need never stop them doing anything again.
  • You'll be able to help your children 'untap' who the 'Real Them' is past all of the day to day life roles they play of student, sibling, child, son or daughter.
  • You'll be able to help them uncover a deep sense of peace and connection within themselves.
  • You'll be able to create a foundation for your children to step into their full creativity and potential. 

Your Understanding of Parenting

  • You'll find a new level of love and connection with your children that has your home life become a tranquil, joyful place to be.
  • You'll start to see for yourself the innate wisdom your children have that makes parenting a place of curiosity and wonder rather than one of control and power, which inevitably leads to anxiety, stress and disconnection.
  • You'll become so present with your children that they'll rediscover you as a loving, caring and considerate parent.
  • There is nothing more important we can teach our kids than where their feelings come from. It creates resilience to life unlike anything else I have ever seen or experienced, and let’s face it, there are always going to be challenges and unplanned happenings in life no matter how you parent.


One module of 'The Loving Parent' program is delivered online each week of the course. There are 4 modules delivered over the period of 4 weeks. Each Module is split into two parts. The first part will be around 45 to 60 minutes of teaching followed by a Q & A session.


Part two of each module will be a 'live Q & A' coaching session. This is an opportunity for participants of the course to be coached on any area they wish to see more deeply, or any particular area of parenting that they are struggling with.


All the modules are recorded, so if there is a week that you can't make it live or a part you want to revisit, then you will have access to the recording within 24 hours. Every participant has lifetime access to all the videos to dip in and out of time and again, forever!



Monday 4th March 2019 - 7:30pm to 9pm

Teaching followed by Q & A and coaching on:

'The Stressed Parent Delusion'


Monday 11th March 2019 - 7:30pm to 9pm

Teaching followed by Q & A and coaching on:

'The True Source Of Stress & How It Affects The Way We Parent'


Monday 18th March 2019 - 7:30pm to 9pm

Teaching followed by Q & A and coaching on:

'Eliminate Stress Forever & Truly Engage With Your Children'


Monday 25th March 2019 - 7:30pm to 9pm

Teaching followed by Q & A and coaching on:

'Psychologically Giving Your Children Everything They Will Ever Need'

Course Investment £599

Simply click here on the 'Buy Now' button to pay and join the program:

"Here's What People Have Said About How This Has Changed The Way They Parent & The Massive Impact It Has Had On Their Kids ..."


"When I first started working with Sarah, I was very stressed and overwhelmed, and felt like I was doing a terrible job of being a mum. This was painful for me, as I wanted to be the best mum that I could be. At the time, my son was being bullied at school and was suffering from anxiety, and rather than being able to support him properly, I was getting as upset and anxious as he was (if not more).

Sarah has given me an entirely different perspective of parenting, and of my whole experience of life. I have insightfully learnt that as a parent, me being present, and in a calm place, is the greatest gift I can give to my children. Less than a year on, I am at peace. I feel calm, and have loving, fun and present times with my children every day, rather than being busy, stressed and disconnected. My personal transformation since working with Sarah has also had an incredible impact on my son who was being bullied, he is thriving at school now, is calm and balanced, and the resilience (that was always within him) is shining through. Sarah, from the bottom of my heart...thank you. x"

- Christine Swift


"This might seem like a small thing, but for me it’s huge, and something I've been struggling with for such a long time.  

My daughter came home from school yesterday, and said she felt sick, had tummy pain and looked upset. So I sat down with her to see what was up. She was upset about her skin being so dry and flaky due to her eczema. We talked a little about how to manage it and she had a cry. This would normally have sent me into a spin to 'fix it' which would result in me feeling very stressed and upset. 

I felt none of that this time. I really saw that the clearer I was, the more I could support her. I sat and cuddled her, I felt totally calm and she fell asleep in my arms (unheard of). After 30 minutes she was awake again, the tummy trouble over, and that night she slept really well. Today she’s come home from school as right as rain, and so am I.  

I would recommend highly recommend working with Sarah. It’s like gaining a super power 💚of calm relaxed parenting - what a gift! "

- Sarah Allen


"Sarah has helped me find my own way out of the prison I had unwittingly made for myself. My time spent with my family and my new grandson is now precious and joyful. I am able to be 'with' my family instead of being in my head so much, that all I could do was 'endure' family and social events, well endure my whole life really. My health and energy are returning and I can't believe how different my experience of my life is from 12 months ago.

My day to day life hasn't changed all that much, but my day to day experience is so different. So much easier and peaceful. I babysat my little grandson recently and I commented to my daughter in law when she got home that I hadn't laughed so much in one day for such a long time. Thank you Sarah for helping me find a whole new way of living my life."

- Heather Clarke


Working with Sarah and learning the understanding she teaches has been life changing. My mind is much clearer more of the time, and I find it so much easier to make decisions without any effort. 

In the last year, both my children have changed schools for various reasons. I had some concerns about whether it was the right thing for them, but was able to keep a clear mind about it all. I also knew that if the school turned out to be the wrong choice, I had the option to make a new choice if an issue arose. Being calm and centred in myself allowed my children to be the same.

 My son transitioned into his new school halfway through the school year to a different type of education, and was moved up a year because of his summer birthday. He took it all in his stride and so did I. My daughter changed secondary schools twice in 2 months. Again the change had small bumps along the way, but with a calm mind I knew it would all be ok, not because of any positive thinking or a definite outcome, but because learning what I have, I know my kids and I can handle anything.  

Knowing that my children have their own innate wisdom to guide them means I think so much less about if they are going to be ok. I know they can handle it, no matter the circumstances. Yes I still struggle with their challenging behaviours as I go in and out of this understanding. But eventually when the dust settles, the knowing that everything will be okay always returns. I highly recommend working with Sarah. The great thing is that every area of your life is positively affected without even trying.  

- Gail Shaw


Since working with Sarah, the biggest change in the way I parent is that I have a lot less fear based thinking about my daughter. I use to be very controlling about what she ate (she might get ill if she doesn't have a good diet), how she spent her time (too much screen time will fry her brain), whether she did her homework (she won't get a good job if she doesn't do well at school). Most of this thinking has now thankfully gone, which means she gets more space to make her own choices. Which I now see as the perfect way to parent effectively to encourage them to become healthy, independent thinkers.

The magical thing is that she is now actually making the choices for herself that I was constantly trying to make for her. Now I have gotten out of the way, she is able to explore her own decision making, our house is far more peaceful and she is doing so much better at school as a result. 

- Tessa Odoni


I can honestly say that I am a calmer, much less controlling, and a more present parent than I was before. And it’s not that Sarah has told me what to do or given me “tools” or “techniques” – what she’s done is helped me to see for myself that my family and I already had (and always have had) everything we needed to thrive. I don’t always remember this, but when I do, things go so much better, AND when things don’t go well I beat myself up a lot less, which means I get back to the calm place sooner (and therefore so do my children). I highly recommend working with Sarah.

I started by having conversations with Sarah around parenting some months ago, and then attended three of her one day intensive workshops. I have now signed up to her group coaching programme and love it. 

- Katy Roser

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm a busy parent and don't have time to make all or some of the classes.

Goodness, don't we all have busy, hectic lives, especially us mums! If you have plans that you definitely can't change, or you can't get a partner or a friend to help out, then don't panic. All the classes are recorded and available to watch at your own leisure. It is however worth checking in with yourself to see if you're really making parenting and your kids a priority, and whether with a bit of pre-planning you really can make it live.  

  • I'm so tired by the evening I don't think I'll be able to concentrate and learn

This is likely to be different to any kind of learning you've done before. Participants on my group programs look forward to the evening sessions because they know there's a chance to drop into a beautiful quiet space after a busy day, and reconnect with themselves in a quiet, supportive, loving space. Because this is an insightful learning, there's no having to write things down (in fact I ask people not to as it can impair their ability to hear something new). Oftentimes people find their energy come up on the call as their mind relaxes and declutters. You'll find once you start the course that so much mental chatter drops away that you'll have a lot more time and energy available every day!

  • I can't afford it

The course is currently half price for a very limited time. Rarely do I find people can't really afford something. It's like the time excuse; it's really about priorities. If you decide it's not a priority for you right now, that's fine, but be honest with yourself and don't use the easy fall back excuse of "I can't afford it". Look at the long term cost to your family of not changing the current dynamic you're currently struggling with at home.

  • I'm not tech savvy and don't understand different software. I'm worried I won't be able to access the classes or recordings

If you have a Smart phone, a tablet or computer, and can open an email then that's all you need! The software we use to teach the classes automatically downloads when you click on the link in the email. Likewise, all the video recordings will be accessed through a link in an email, which will be sent out within 24 hours of the class ending.

  • My situation is different

Parents today face so many challenges. Maybe your child has special needs, or you have a baby that really needs you for all of their waking hours, or other child that really demands a lot of your attention. Maybe you're a single parent or you work very long hours and have little spare time already. This program has been deliberately designed for you to allow for maximum flexibility in the comfort of your own home. However, what you learn will impact every single area of your life. It's a fantastic investment in upgrading your whole experience of your life.

Your question not answered here? Please email and I'll do my best to help:


The Loving Parent

A Truly Life Changing Transformational Course