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How important is Your Health to You?

I want to ask you a few simple, but important questions:

  • What would it be worth to you to naturally and effortlessly get your body thriving again?  
  • —How much time, effort & energy would it save you each day if you just knew how to give your body exactly what it needs?  
  • Do you crash at weekends or get sick every time you take a holiday?  
  • —How much does it actually cost you to be sick (off work, private health care, hours waiting around at hospitals and with your GP)? 
  • —What would it really mean to you if you could finally, once and for all, get your physical health completely sorted?

Are You Ready To Make This Change NOW?

Join Me For 5 Weeks To Completely Transform Your Health & Wellbeing

About Your Presenter...

Sarah is a Transformational Coach

Sarah is a transformational health & wellbeing coach & naturopathic nutritionist. Now in the best health of her life, Sarah runs a busy coaching practice, where she shares with her clients her years of knowledge gained from extensive training in health and nutrition, and the psychology of health and wellbeing. Her life however, looked very different twelve years ago to how it look today, when Sarah struggled with severe mental and physical ill health and a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Fastforward twelve years and the way Sarah works with her clients is very reflective of her own personal journey of healing recovery. Sarah's illness pushed her to look for answers when there seem no help available. 

Sarah has undertaken many years training in health and nutrition. Her particular interest has always been focused on the mind: body connection, recognizing the importance of how we create our experience from our state of mind and how this affects our bodies' physiology and learning.  

I created this program because…..

  • Years ago I had chronic illness & low energy, which made life a real struggle and I know other people suffer with this too. Back then I didn’t know it was possible to feel the level of wellness that I do now, and I now want to help others experience true great health too, (which is NOT just the absence of illness).  
  • I am passionate about learning about the body’s physiology from a cellular level, originally to release my own pain and suffering.  
  • I’ve spent the last 17 years studying health and wellness, particpating in dozens of training programs, seminars, courses and events, costing tens of thousands of pounds, totally obsessed with finding answers.  
  • This course condenses all of my years' learning, training and experience for those people who are not currently in a position in their lives to invest working with me personally on a 12 month+ tailor-made program.
  • There are additionally some people that don’t need one of my tailor-made progams, because they are not chronically ill but want to take better control of their health.
  • Many of my one-to-one clients have asked me to package this powerful information all in 1 place for easy reference they can go back to time and again, forever! (All participants of this program get lifetime access too).
  • I want as many people as possible to be empowered to take back control of their own health, and not rely on a failing westernised system of dealing with the rising epidemic of ill health.

If you’ve ever struggled with low energy and poor health, then you know what it’s like to:

  • Live each day like a hamster on a wheel, barely surviving and not really living
  • Feel embarrassed or ashamed because you’re not able to participate in life in the way you and others want you to
  • Worry when you'll next get really tired, run down and subsequently unwell again
  • Wonder if you’ll ever REALLY be able to do what you want with your life, past the basic day to day wake, eat, work, sleep, (though some of you will probably be like I was, and are not even well enough to do any work or sleep well)

I designed this program to change all of this for you and more – starting right NOW  

"Here's What People Have Said & The Positive Impact It Has On Their Health ..."


"I have known, worked with, and followed Sarah's blogs for around 5 years now, and I love how truly passionate, genuine and knowledgeable she is. I feel like she has poured so much of herself, and her years' of research and experience into the Ultimate Health & Wellness Program, as she so openly shares how she has walked the path herself back to good health.  

As a result, she really relates to you starting out on your own health improvement journey. As you go through the program it's easy to find answers to questions that you may have had around your health. I love the format - I learn well visually and audibly - so the webclasses and email format of the program worked very well for me.  

I really love Sarah and her work, and would highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to improve their physical health, and feel more vibrant in their life."  

 - Katrina Bolt


"Just want to say thank you for delivering such valuable and on-point content program. It might be that it's the perfect time for me to be receiving it, but I'm put in mind of when I consulted a naturopath early on in my CFS journey, where I was given blood tests, put on supplements (which cost A LOT of money), given lots of recipes for alternative meals, and then 'coached' on the rest of my life. 

When I say coached, the practitioner sat with a list of coaching questions in front of her, and asked me them. I could see the point, but there was little connection. The supplements only helped a bit, but being unable to work, I couldn't sustain the cost and I had a gut feeling I was missing the mark and sending a lot of money down the drain.  

The difference here is that Sarah is drip feeding information that is both relevant and manageable. Baby steps rather than a splurge of 'to-do's' that are just too much at once, both financially and practically when you have very limited energy in the first place. With this program however, the fact that I can engage, absorb, ask questions, incorporate a bit at a time, and then get some feedback in terms of changes in how I feel, keeps inspiring me to go back and incorporate another step when I'm ready.  

My hope would be that more people in similar positions can be exposed to this bit of the jigsaw in the way Sarah does it, and be empowered with what this program offers." 

 - Paula Vickers


“My energy levels used to be all over the place. I used to wake up super tired and then by 1pm I would need to nap again, and yet it was still never enough rest. Initially I put it down to being a new mum, but it turns out my body was completely out of balance.  

Colds would last way more than usual, and I was getting ulcers in my mouth. Anytime my son got sick, I could guarantee I would get sick too. It got to the point where I was petrified of him getting sick. I was at a loss to know what to do for my son and myself.

I learnt the techniques on the program which enabled me to address my self care, and know how to look after my body and health. It was during this time I realized how little I had been looking after me.  

My energy levels are back and I don’t feel the need to nap anymore out of utter exhaustion, only when I want to of course! I no longer dread my son getting ill, as I am able to look after him with a lot more confidence. In addition, now when my son does get sick, for the first time ever, I haven’t actually gotten sick too.  

So if you want to get yourself back to better health, Sarah is your lady!

 - Marina Pearson


"Since doing the program, I’ve found myself changing a lot of things I do around food. I’m so much more aware of the toxins in many foods, and knowing what is toxic to my body has been so useful and impactful. I used to eat a lot of fish, which I’ve reduced a lot, or I try and source fresh water fish. Even changing to drinking more pure water has been amazing as it made my hunger reduce a lot. I’ve also worked out what supplements I need. 

I used to have really, really dry hair that fell out a lot, and dry skin, which used to crack and bleed for which I used to go to the doctors. I learnt from the program that I most likely had a thyroid deficiency. I’worked out what to eat and supplement, and since then my hair has been really glossy and this winter I have the softest skin, I’m in shock. The change has been amazing. I can’t believe that just little things I didn’t know about my body and the small changes I’ve made, have made such a big, big difference. For me, my hair and skin have to be the biggest changes.  

It’s a program I recommend to anybody, because if you can just change your relationship with your food in one small way, it can have such a massive impact on your life, and I’ve definitely seen a huge change. The program allows you to see for yourself what changes you can make around your food choices. It goes much deeper than just telling people what to eat, but gives you the tools to work out for yourself, which is brilliant." 

 - Zohra Kassam Sumar

The Investment...

One payment of £599 or 6 monthly payments of £110* 

Simply click here on the 'Buy Now' button to pay and join the program. As soon as you've paid you'll receive a welcome email, and the first web-class within the hour:

An Overview Of What We'll Be Covering On The Program:

MODULE 1: Fluids – The power of super hydration

  • Why good hydration is the foundation of your health  
  • Stress = dehydration and dehydration = stress  
  • Switching off dehydration alert

MODULE 2: Detoxing – The easy detox plan and why anyone would want to

  • We live in a very toxic world  
  • Why your emotions affect toxicity levels in your body just as much as pollution  
  • Why detoxing is a major part of all chronic illness prevention and treatment

MODULE 3: Dietary Choices – The effortless everyday diet

  • Cutting through the mixed messages  
  • A criteria for always making the best food choices  
  • The naturally healthy food plan without extreme fads, labels or crazy diets

MODULE 4: Healthy Cells – Vibrant cell, vibrant body

  • Why cholesterol is really there and how it plays an important role in our health 
  • Why we mimic the behaviour of our cells, and what yours tell you about you
  • Why cellular cleansing is at the route of your immune system and good health

MODULE 5: Vitamins & Minerals – Real nutrition and knowing if you’re deficient

  • How to give your body everything it needs to thrive optimally and making that your default 
  • How illnesses are dealt with naturally by the body when it's given what it needs and is working properly, and need not be feared. You'll see it is how the body deals with toxicity, just like having a spring clean!  
  • Why we DO need to supplement nutrients sometimes even with the best diet

What Is The Program Worth...

  • I have been passionate about learning about the body’s physiology from a cellular level, originally to release my own pain & suffering:  
  • I’ve spend the last 17 years studying health & wellness, totally obsessed with finding answers.  
  • I’ve attended dozens of trainings and spent 10’s of thousands of pounds.  
  • I’ve paid for doctors, therapy, coaching, and amounting to over £50k to figure this out.  
  • You could certainly learn about naturopathic medicine for yourself for a few thousand pounds.  
  • You could continue to use doctors and alternative health practitioners whenever you feel unwell.

 The 5 Week Feel Amazing Guarantee…

If you follow the steps in the program and don’t feel completely amazing by the end of implementing everything you’ve learnt then I offer a complete money-back guarantee.

The Investment…

One payment of £599 or 6 monthly payments of £110* 

Simply click here on the 'Buy Now' button to pay and join the program. As soon as you've paid you'll receive a welcome email, and the first web-class within the hour:

 * Please email me if you want to spread payments and we can get you set up.

The Program Format


How is the program delivered?

—5 Web-classes of 60 minutes each – (1 module per week)  

You will receive your first module as soon as you sign up.  

—Facebook group to connect, chat and ask questions  

Supporting emails, audios and PDF documents


Advantages of delivering this way:

—From the comfort of your own home  

—Total immersion  

Step by step learning you can do at your own pace  

Listen in to each web-class when you're ready and refer back and listen again whenever you wish  


Ongoing learning & materials

All the modules are recorded, so if you want to take more than a week on each module you can  

Every participant has lifetime access to all the videos, the invaluable information and supporting resources, private Facebook group, to dip in and out of time and again, forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a busy life and am worried about having time to make all of the classes

We recognise that everyone has busy, hectic lives, so the classes are delivered to you one a week by email, with the first one sent to you within an hour of booking onto the program. As the webclasses are recorded you can watch at your own leisure and choose your pace of learning. It is however worth checking in with yourself to see if you're really making your health a priority if you're not progressing through the classes at a reasonable pace. 

  • I'm tired and my health is not great, so I'm not sure I'll be able to concentrate and learn

This is likely to be different to any kind of learning you've ever done before. It's teaching you to become more conscious about your body, and how it communicates when it's out of balance, including tiredness and low energy. People have often find their energy comes up as they do the program, as they feel more empowered to know how to read their body, and look after their health. You'll also likely find that once you employ what you're learning, your energy and mental functions will start to improve.

  • I can't afford it

The program is priced at an extremely affordable rate compared to you working with Sarah on a tailor-made 12 month one-to-one program and the development of the program condenses Sarah's 17 years of learning and experience. This program will be an invaluable resource you can dip into time and again, as you have lifetime access to all of the materials. Rarely do people find they can't really afford something. It's like the time excuse, it's really about priorities. If you decide your health is not a priority for you right now, that's fine, but be honest with yourself and don't use the easy fall back excuse of "I can't afford it". Look at the long term cost of poor health to yourself or your family of not doing something to change it.

  • I'm not tech savvy and don't understand different software. I'm worried I won't be able to access the classes or recordings

If you have a Smartphone, a tablet or computer, and can open an email then that's all you need! The classes automatically download when you click on the link in the email. There is also a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support.

  • My situation is different

People today face so many challenges with life, but concentrating on getting the vehicle right - your body - through which you'll experience this life, will pay huge dividends with both your enjoyment of life and your ability to do what you really want. Without the foundation of great health you may find yourself always struggling, and not being able to do the things you dream of or even need to do on a day to day, or week to week basis.

Your question not answered here? Please email and I'll do my best to help:


The Ultimate Health & Wellness Program

A Truly Life Changing Transformational Program